Model: Abigail Whitney for Dulcedo, Photography by Benjamin Reyes, Makeup by Sabrina Rinaldi (P1M), Beauty Direction by Souzan Michael, Art Direction by Danielle Campbell

You’ve Never Seen Monochromatic Makeup This Bold Before

Monochromatic makeup (wearing the same shade on your eyes, cheeks and/or lips) usually makes an appearance in the form of super neutral, easy-to-wear shades that we’re accustomed to using on different parts of our faces—think soft corals, browns and pinks.

But this summer, we encourage you to think outside the box and experiment with bolder shades all over. Who says you can’t wear purple or gold on your lids and cheeks? Using some new summer collections, like Fenty Beauty’s Beach, Please! collection and Wet N’ Wild’s Flights of Fancy collection, we show you how to wear super bright shades on multiple parts of your face.

Watch the video below to see all four looks.

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