Minty mouth

By Amanda Dipasquale

I am firm believer that you can solve almost every beauty dilemma with lipgloss. It is my secret weapon for brightening any look, no matter how frizzy my hair or tired my eyes. My pick of the moment? Cover Girl Wetslicks AmazeMint Lipgloss, ($7, at drugstores).

The reason: Sometimes pulling out your plastic toothbrush and tube of toothpaste just isn’t possible, especially when there is no porcelain sink or running water around. So what is a girl to do who a) just ate the biggest tuna salad sandwich for lunch and b) can’t seem to find a stick of gum? This lipgloss is the perfect on-the-go freshner. With Crest peppermint oils, and a non-sticky smooth formula, the stinky fish you had for lunch will be gone in a fresh flash. Try it in “Happy Hour” for a clear blue sparkle that will brighten your smile, and “Everything’s Rosy” for a subtle, pinky sheen.

Photography by Yulanda Yee

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