20 Minimalist Nail Art Ideas You Can Do Even if You’re Lazy AF

I’m just going to say it: nail art can be kind of cheesy. It’s not that it doesn’t look good—okay fine, sometimes it straight up doesn’t look good. I’ve just never felt compelled to glue mini pearls and ribbons onto my nails. Even many of the nail art designs that actually look cute scream “try-hard,” and what’s more uncool than someone who looks like they tried to look cool? (Are you still following?)

So if you’re bored of your current one-shade mani, but are lazy, busy, or you simply think complicated nail art is tacky (or all of the above!), get inspired by these minimalist nail art designs. We’ve rounded up our faves from Instagram, including some from the likes of the queen of legit cool nail art, Madeline Poole.

Click through the gallery, get out some DIY nail art tools (toothpicks, Q-tips, get creative) and make a statement with some low-key nail art. (Twee, Pinterest-y designs need not apply.)

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