Miley Cyrus has bleached her eyebrows and (of course!) looks totally fierce

Miley Cyrus bleached brows
Miley Cyrus bleached brows
Photography via Instagram/Lily Allen

Because we are obsessed with everything Miley Cyrus, our radar is blowing up with the star’s latest radical alteration. She’s ditched the full dark eyebrows we’ve come to know (and secretly covet) for a pair of platinum blond arches.

Cyrus’s barely-there-brows sent the internet into a frenzy last night, after making a debut on Lily Allen’s Instagram. (The pair were out partying in L.A., as young, popular stars tend to do.) Never one to hide from social media, Cyrus also shared a snap of her new brows—while posing with Miranda Kerr, no less.

Given that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out tomorrow, we have to ask: Could our favourite limit pusher be channeling the over-the-top women from the Capitol with their bleached brows? On the other non-fictional hand, the notable lightened arches of Lady Gaga and just about every model on the Gucci Fall 2013 runway could have also inspired the bleach job.

We’ve reluctantly gotten used to the tongue wagging, come to peace with the tattoos and fallen for the blonde cropped do, but the disappearing brows may take some time. Are you for or against Miley Cyrus’ bleached brow look? Think you’ll try this trend any time soon? Let us know!

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