Milan Fashion Week beauty: Hair accessories popped up at Prada, Gucci and more

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Photography via Instagram/Gucci

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Hair accessories: they’ve been a beauty trend for a few seasons, but while they look amazing on Karlie Kloss coming down the runway, they can sometimes be too theatrical to pull off IRL. (No offense, Sam McKnight’s crocodile tails.) Often made by the designers themselves, this caliber of hair jewellery costs more than all the bobby pins you’ve owned combined, and is often as hard to get your hands on as a wait-listed handbag.

Still, we’ve loved hair adornment since ponytail cones and banana clips were a thing, so there was a lot for us to love this season, from the metallic ponytail holders at Carolina Herrera in New York, to the leather headbands at Fendi that had their own security details. At Gucci, where it was Paul Hanlon’s first time keying the show, a handful of models wore flower or seashell combs that were nestled in their bed head hair, while others wore berets and headbands.

Shimmery barrettes anchored poofy side-ponies at Prada, and there was more decoration at Dolce and Gabbana, where motherhood was the inspiration behind the show. Palau tucked bright baubles and pearls into wispy chignons made to look like the lady of the house might have done it herself, during nap time. As pretty as the hair jewellery looked, it didn’t steal the show from the other, ahem, accessory on stage: babies! Another atypical accessory: headphones. A far cry from the humble ear bud, the bejeweled personal sound systems worn by some of the models were plugged into iPhones. (How 2015.) Maybe those busy moms finally got around to listening to Serial.

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