Metal worthy: 30 precious metals for a sophisticated sparkle

Metallic makeup
Metallic makeup

Metallic makeup is more appealing and glamorous than ever, making it winter’s most dazzling asset. Kari Molvar takes a shine to modern alloys.

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“I am obsessed with metallics,” says Aaron De Mey, Lancôme’s artistic director of makeup. “They bring instant lightness to the face and add dimension to the features.” Part of his obsession has to do with new technology. “In the past, metallic makeup came in pressed solid form, and the colours sat on top of the skin, looking dull,” he explains. “Now the shades are made with a wet process system that involves pouring liquid colours into pans to solidify, creating workable hues that grab the skin.”

The refined textures deliver a more sophisticated sparkle as well. “Modern metallic makeup shouldn’t be confused with glitter,” says Tom Pecheux, Estée Lauder’s creative makeup director. “Glitter is made of large pearlized particles, but metallics now have micro-fine sized particles, so they sink into the skin beautifully.” The latest advances stack up to richer formulas and more wearable hues. Armed with improved palettes, makeup artists have found bolder ways to play with them, such as tracing a silver arc above the eye crease or patting bronze shadow directly onto the lips.

No matter which precious metal you choose to invest in, here are the best ways to embrace it.

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