Happy birthday, Maybelline! See the line of limited edition products for the brand’s 100 year anniversary

Maybelline 100 Year Anniversary

Vaseline and coal dust. In the early 20th century, Mabel Williams brushed that through her lashes to darken them. Considering the current ever-evolving state of mascara, her humble homemade concoction is even more mind-blowing. Williams’ chemist brother saw dollar signs and created a mail-order version. It wasn’t long after that Maybelline (Mabel + Vaseline) was born.

The beauty brand behind ’70s cult classics like Kissing Potion and the beloved Great Lash Mascara is still killing it with millennial favourites like Fit Me Foundation, Bouncy Blush and Baby Lips.

To celebrate its centennial, Maybelline is marking the occasion by releasing a curated collection of some of its best-selling beauty items in exclusive shades and collectible packaging: illustrations of the NYC skyline are scrawled over the tubes and cases by Brooklyn artist Meg Lipke. The limited edition line is available in stores today.

We hope we look that good at 100. Browse Maybelline’s 100 year anniversary collection below.