These Masque Bar Face Masks Were Made to Be Instagrammed

So, maybe precious metals aren’t in your current budget. But Masque Bar’s Metallic Collection will have you dripping in gold for under $5. The collection, which was introduced earlier this year, includes face masks (sheet and peel-off) in silver, gold and rose gold. The company is now incorporating these metallics into a new launch that Masque Bar is calling their “best of the best” and we got a sneak peek.

The metallic collection will be merged with one of the brand’s best-selling ingredients, charcoal, to create Black Gold. The combination of this popular detoxifier and glow-inducing 24-karat gold, makes for the perfect 15-minute treatment for your skin. The launch will include four new products: two sheet masks, a peel-off mask and — something new for the brand — a cleanser. The items resemble a glittering galaxy: dark black charcoal flecked with gold shimmer.

The products are so beautiful, that you’ll probably want to show them off. “They’re very Instagrammable,” Allan Lever, founder of LOOK Beauty Products and Masque Bar, admits. He says that getting that desired “aesthetic” look was something the company took into account when making the product — and that’s a smart move.

Swiping through Instagram, it’s clear that more and more people are sharing their beauty routines on social media. GLAMGLOW, another face mask company, had a major social media moment last year when they brought out their Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired mask, which was a bright metallic blue. There were pictures of the product, which was a variation of their GRAVITYMUD™ Firming Treatment, all over the internet.

But Masque Bar is making its own noise on social media. A POPSUGAR writer, who confessed to being a GLAMGLOW addict, tried Masque Bar’s Metallic Collection and was shocked. She wrote that the rose gold peel-off mask was just as good as GLAMGLOW’s GRAVITYMUD™.

A major player in both products is witch hazel water, which shrinks pores and gets rid of oil. So really, if the two masks are so similar, why would you pay $75 for GLAMGLOW, when you could pay $3 for Masque Bar? At $2.99 for a peel-off and $3.99 for a sheet, these are some of the most affordable masks in the game. They’re even priced the exact same as their US counterparts, meaning Masque Bar has done us the (much-appreciated) favour of nixing those scary exchange rates. “We wanted to pass on the benefits to Canadians because we’re a Canadian company,” says Allan.

However, despite his ties to Canada, Allan is heavily influenced by Korea. He became obsessed with K-Beauty eight years ago and travels to the country six or seven times a year for product research. A major trend he discovered was “honey skin” which basically just means super dewy, glowing skin. The use of metallics in Masque Bar’s newest products is all about achieving that honeyed glow.

You can get the Metallic Collection in stores now, but the Black Gold Collection doesn’t have an official launch date yet. Allan says we can probably expect to see it on shelves at Shopper’s Drug Mart this August.