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Nourishing For Skin As Well As Hair, Mango is Having a Beauty Moment

From face mists to detanglers and overnight masks, meet the new star skin- and hair-care ingredient.

Last month, Glossier  dropped their newest Balm Dotcom flavour: mango. Coral tinted, this version of their signature “skin salve” arrived at the right moment because the tropical fruit has actually been having a moment, with the moisture-boosting powers of the mango’s butter making its way into hair and skin products.

Like its more ubiquitous cousins, cocoa and shea, mango butter comes not from the sweet flesh or brightly-coloured rind of the fruit but from that precious kernel, which contain fats packed with vitamins A and C, plus an assortment of antioxidants and fatty acids. In its raw form, the nutrient-dense butter is scentless—meaning all those fruity fragrances actually have nothing to do with their star ingredient—and semi-firm, melting into skin on contact and helping to protect from free radicals. It’s also a great natural sunburn healer and one of the best known plant-based emollients.

While Glossier’s new balm doesn’t *actually* contain any mango butter, a few brands have used it in a few different forms. Here’s some to help you get your fill of the mango butter trend.

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