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Photography via Instagram/makeuptactics

Why You Need to Follow @makeuptactics on Instagram

Since we’re always on the hunt for new beauty peeps to follow on Instagram, we decided to start a series highlighting some of our fave under-the-radar accounts. Every week, we’ll feature a new person whose beauty-filled Insta account we just can’t get enough of. Know someone we should follow? Tag us @fashioncanada.

Who: Katie, self-proclaimed “mediocre makeup enthusiast” (though we’d beg to differ!)

Instagram handle: @makeuptactics

Why you should follow her: Because her makeup is truly a work of art. Sure, we’re into minimalist, cool girl eye makeup, but sometimes it’s just nice to look at really exceptional makeup artistry.

Katie may say she’s a “mediocre makeup enthusiast,” but her skill level says otherwise. From paint-splattered eye lids to exquisite lip art, both of which are sometimes accessorized with things like pearls, beads or barbed wire, Katie’s feed is pure makeup porn, and we love it.

Check out some of our fave ‘grams from Katie below: