nudestix recycling
Photograph courtesy of Nudestix

Nudestix Introduces New Recycling Program to Celebrate Earth Day

You can now recycle the brand's signature tins with ease.

Canadian beauty brand Nudestix has announced a welcome new recycling initiative to celebrate Earth Day. Beginning today, the brand – loved for its multi-use, natural-looking products – is introducing the “Save a Tin” recycling program whereby customers will be able to easily recycle the brand’s signature black tins moving forward.

The tins are made using tinplate, which the brand says “is incredibly durable for reuse and recyclability as a safe, clean and non-toxic material.” In fact, more than 90 per cent of tin plate is able to be recycled versus just 10 per cent of plastics. Additionally, the mirrors within the tins are “also recyclable in mixed metal streams and made from polystyrene, which is a non-toxic material.”

The way the new recycling program works is that when customers place an order on the brand’s website, they’ll be given the option to add a free black compostable bag (made using 100 per cent Ethylene Vinly Acetate, a non-toxic, phthalate-free and environmentally friendly alternative to PVC plastics) to their order. Once customers have ten tins (that they aren’t using in other ways  – such as for storing jewellery), they put the tins into the bag, seal it and take the pre-paid postage bag to their local post office to be sent directly to be recycled. From here, the tinplate is separated into bundle scrap mental to be used in new products.

Speaking of the initiative in a release, Jenny Frankel, the brand’s CEO, said, “When we launched Nudestix, we created our iconic re-useable tin box to encourage less one-time waste by using an infinitely recyclable tinplate material. Five years later, we listened to our community by helping them recycle their much-loved Nudestix tins by [this program] on Earth Day 2020.”

Taylor Frankel, one of the brand’s co-founders, added, “We think every small eco-movement adds up to make a big impact on our planet, and the save-a-tin program is just one of those ways we are hoping to make a difference.”

The program is available to all customers in North America (as well as the UK) beginning from today.