Carolina Herrera
Photograph courtesy of Carolina Herrera/Cass Bird.

Carolina Herrera is Launching its First Ever Beauty Line

The collection blurs the line between beauty and fashion.

In a little lighter news today, fashion house Carolina Herrera has announced the launch of its first beauty line. However it’s not taking a conventional approach to things. Instead, the brand is reimagining cosmetics as accessories for the modern customer.

Speaking to Bazaar UK, Carolina A. Herrera (daughter of the Carolina Herrera), the beauty creative director for Carolina Herrera Makeup explained, “Traditionally, makeup is something that you keep out of sight whether on your bathroom shelf or in your vanity pouch. But this is an entirely new and disruptive way of approaching beauty. We wanted to give women an opportunity to flaunt their makeup, unapologetically, like a piece of fabulous jewellery.”

This translates practically into refillable lipsticks (available in 36 shades, each of which is paraben-free) as well as refillable powders, a cream-to-powder highlighter and mattifier – each of which comes with a variety of accessories such as charms, tassels, cases and a logo-embossed ring that attaches to all pieces. The designs on the accessories are inspired by archival fabrics from the fashion house.

Wes Gordon, the brand’s creative director of fashion, told WWD earlier this year that Mrs. Herrera herself was the inspiration behind the collection. “Mrs. Herrera is a big fan of vintage jewellery and has the most amazing collection, so that in part sparked the idea of mimicking precious objects for the design. We wanted each product to double up as something eye-catching that you could wear and have a conversation piece at the same time.”

The collection is launching in the UK this week, followed by Kuwait before being available in 30 doors across the world. Watch this space.