5 makeup remover tricks for when you just need to crash after a long night

makeup remover tricks
Photography by Peter Stigter

There are many times when you have our full support to take the lazy route (takeout yet again? Sure!). But when it comes to washing off your makeup before hitting the sheets, the easy route just isn’t an option.

And if you think you’re excused just because you’ve had a few too many cold ones, and the fact that you and your iPhone made it home in one piece is enough of an accomplishment for the night, think again. You’re going to need your beauty sleep (ahem, more than usual) to let your skin rest and refresh while you snooze.

Luckily, there are quick and easy makeup remover tricks that you can manage in any state. Ahead, the five simplest, most beneficial, drunk-proof ways to wash your face with the least amount of rubbing as possible. You may feel like a mess the next day, but at least you won’t look it.

Browse our makeup remover tricks below.

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