Introducing M.A.C Maleficent: See the entire evil villain-approved makeup collection now!

Maleficent MAC collection
Maleficent MAC collection

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M.A.C fanatics, your new obsession is here! The cosmetics giant is always good for going all out when it comes to collaborations, and the soon-to-launch limited edition M.A.C Maleficent collection lives up to our expectations. Designed to “delight the most demanding of dark sorceresses,” this colour cosmetics collection is definitely wicked: we’re talking blood-red shades of polish and lip colour, moody shadows and false lashes for dramatic flair.

Of the 14 products in the M.A.C Maleficent collection, we’re most intrigued by the Prep + Prime highlighter twist-up brush—sure to make anyone feel Sleeping Beauty-gorgeous after a long night out and about. Second to that is Penultimate Eyeliner, because when you’re designing an eyeliner inspired by someone clad in all black, the colour payoff is sure to be excellent. And finally, we’ll give you five seconds to guess the name of the aforementioned blood-red M.A.C Maleficent lipstick: it’s titled a very Disney-approved “True Love’s Kiss.”

When it comes to the M.A.C Maleficent packaging it’s, no surprise, just as obsession-worthy as the pigments and products themselves. Every item is embossed with the iconic villain’s vicious wings—basically like a bat signal to let you know that this be where the beauty’s at. As for the Disney film that’s inspired the whole collab, we probably don’t have to tell you that it’s Angelina Jolie in the starring role. Talk about hype! While we have to wait for summer to catch it in theatres, the M.A.C Maleficent collection will be released online first, on May 8, and hit M.A.C stores on May 15. But given the pace that past collabs have sold out at, we suggest grabbing as much M.A.C Maleficient as soon as possible.