Introducing the M.A.C Archie’s Girls makeup collection: See all 37 Betty and Veronica-approved pieces now

MAC Cosmetics Archies Girls collection
MAC Cosmetics Archies Girls collection

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Are you a Betty or a Veronica? If you grew up reading Archie Comics, chances are you easily have an answer to that question. Now, thanks to M.A.C Cosmetics, you have the opportunity to adopt either of these iconic personalities into your beauty routine with the new Archie’s Girls makeup collection.

The M.A.C Archie’s Girls collection, which launches on February 7, features makeup inspired by the legendary comic book love triangle. The epic Betty vs. Veronica rivalry is revisited with two distinct makeup looks. For Betty, known for her blonde locks and innocent girl-next-door persona, M.A.C has created sugary sweet pink and peach-coloured lipstick, intense black mascara, and coral powder blush. Veronica, with her striking brown hair and vivacious personality, is treated to vampy violet lipstick, dramatic berry-coloured nail polish, and rich purple and navy eyeshadows. The collection also includes specially designed makeup brushes as well as compact mirrors, totes and makeup bags.

Comic book characters might inspire the collection, but the products are right on trend for real life. While we would skip the drawn on freckles from the M.A.C Archie’s Girls ad campaign, the graphic eyeliner and shimmering cheekbones on both IRL Betty and Veronica is worth duplicating. As for Archie—who, by the way, looks way more edgy than we’re used to!—it seems that even with a makeup collection he still can’t decide which girl comes out on top.