Everything You Need to Know About Falsies, From Velour Lashes Founder Mabel Lee

Aside from maybe flawlessly executed winged liner, false eyelashes are often assumed to be the most intimidating part of a beauty regimen. So much so that most of the time, they’re neglected. However, when Mabel Lee set out to launch Velour Lashes six years ago, she made it a point to clear up the misconception that falsies should be a) reserved for special occasions and b) left to the hands of a professional makeup artist.

Last year, Lee completely rebranded Velour, and we chatted with her to learn about the brand’s new outlook.

What stands out for you as a breakthrough moment that got you where you are today?

In hindsight, there have been quite a few that helped shape the direction of the brand, even though we might not have realized it at the time. That said, two moments will always stick out in my mind. The first was when [one of] Beyoncé’s makeup artists told People Magazine that she bought our lashes ‘by the ton.’ I think this caught people’s attentions plus, I’m a huge Queen B fan so that was a really special moment for me. The second was when we launched the brand in Sephora. It was a surreal moment and I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, we made it to the big leagues.”

You mention how you “live in lashes.” Why are lashes your passion?

There’s the common misconception that lashes should be reserved for a special occasion. I think the opposite. lashes have always been the staple in my makeup kit because it’s the one product that enhances your natural beauty without being transformative. I’m low maintenance and I like my beauty routine to be the same way.

At this point, how fast is your application process when getting ready?

Lash application is actually not nearly as daunting a task than most people assume. With just a bit of practice, it can become second nature very quickly. I can put my lashes on quicker than applying a few coats of mascara.

What separates Velour Lashes from the competitors?

Since the beginning, I’ve set my sights on conquering the lash market. In a very saturated beauty industry, my strategy was to focus on doing one thing but making sure I did it really, really well. I’m acutely aware of what our clients want and I strive to deliver – the finest and softest materials, masterly craftsmanship, and lashes comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Oh, and did I mention we’re from Toronto and proudly Canadian?

How did you decide the different eye shapes and lash designs for the brand? What’s your most popular to date?

I truly believe that anyone and everyone can get into lashes. Our comprehensive collection means there is a lash designed to suit any eye shape, any skin tone and for any occasion. We even let our customers custom create their very own pair of lashes directly on our website with just a few easy clicks!

Celebrity makeup artist, Patrick Ta, is a big fan of your lashes, how does that feel?

I’ve been following his work for a few years now and have been a big fan, so when it came time to finding someone to introduce the new Velour it was an easy choice. I’m just honoured to have an esteemed makeup artist stand by what we’re doing as a brand and the quality of our products.

What’s next for Velour?

We want to strike the fine balance between newness and staying true to our core. For now, we’re focused on lash innovations and solidifying our position as the industry’s lash experts. The visibility, reach and distribution that our partners Sephora, and most recently Ulta, have given us has been tremendous. I see a long runway ahead of us and it’s really exciting!

To receive a free Velour lash application, visit Sephora Eaton Centre this Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 10am-12pm. Enter to win a Velour prize pack here.