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Why You Need to Follow @little.boy.peep on Instagram

Since we’re always on the hunt for new beauty peeps to follow on Instagram, we decided to start a series highlighting some of our fave under-the-radar accounts. Every week, we’ll feature a new person whose beauty-filled Insta account we just can’t get enough of. Know someone we should follow? Tag us @fashioncanada.

Who: Marco Miller, self-proclaimed “angel and queer cowboy”

Instagram handle: @little.boy.peep

Why you should follow him: For starters, the trans teen is unapologetically himself and we totally appreciate that. Then there’s the makeup — Marco’s blue take on the wavy brow trend, the pretty highlight that countered the effects of the last Mercury retrograde, the tear drop (made from hot glue dropplets!) and the monochromatic beauty look for prom. Miller treats makeup as art (“I realized that #makeup is really just #painting on your face, and I’ve happily been exploring that recently,” he wrote in an Instagram post), meaning his creativity has no bounds.

Marco’s also an advocate for trans excellence and his feed is a good lesson in gender fluidity. “I’ll never present myself in a certain way so that others will perceive my identity as valid,” he captioned one post, adding while a lot of his feed is related to femininity (as that’s what he’s accustomed to and “oftentimes prefer[s],” masculinity “lies at [his] core.”

At the end of the day, what we see is beautiful and creative, and that’s all that matters.

Check out our fave Instagrams from @little.boy.peep’s feed below.

〰?〰 my subtle #blue take on @melovemealot's iconic #wavybrow 〰?〰

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? #butterfly #kisses ?

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♤ ♡ ? #glossy ? ♡ ♤

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?The only okayish #candid photo of me at #prom. I was dancing too hard to Come on Eileen and Kendrick to be photogenic. Also peep Ruby in the background!!?

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