5 Lip Colours to Try This Fall That Aren’t Plum

Brown lips ? #KylieLipKit stay tuned ?

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Is there anything more annoying than boring, repetitive beauty advice? (Yes, obviously there is.) We’re willing to bet that with summer’s end just around the corner, you’ve already started to read about the Big Lip Trend For Fall: plum lipstick. But after so many years of the shade being recommended for the season, it’s obviously not a trend. It’s like being told that M.A.C’s “Russian Red” is the hottest new red lipstick on the market or that coral lips are perfect for spring. It’s borderline insulting.

So while we know that dark lips are a must for fall, plum is not your only option. In fact, screw plum this year. There are so many more interesting shades available and our favourite celebs have already started showing us how to wear them.

From Kylie Jenner‘s bold brown lip to Rihanna‘s bright fuchsia pout (which she paired with blue eyeshadow; proceed with caution if you plan on copying the look), we’ve rounded up the latest in lip colours for Fall 2016, and the products we use to achieve them. #NoPlumZone

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