Lauren Conrad got her third haircut in three weeks and this one’s drastic

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Well, that escalated quickly. Three weeks ago, Lauren Conrad debuted a lob on Instagram, and confessed that it was her first haircut in years (years!). Awesome. Good stuff. But then, only days later (or was it hours? it’s all such a blur), she showed us that she had gone back for another cut—perhaps to even out the edges.

And finally, last night Conrad revealed a chin-length, choppy bob and while we love a bob on Hollywood’s most infamous head of perfectly (un)done beachy waves, both in theory and in execution, we can’t help but be a little worried. It’s no secret that often time when a girl goes for a huge chop and parts with long hair that was once her signature, it can be pretty traumatic.

I guess we’ll wait patiently—read: frantically refresh Lauren Conrad’s Instagram page—to see if she has any other surprises planned. Is this because Allure called her basic? Post-wedding blues? We’ll never know.

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