Lady Gaga has changed her eyebrows 21 times (and counting!) this summer

lady gaga eyebrows
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Lady Gaga’s eyebrow game is on (ever-changing) fleek. The singer has changed up her brows more times than we can count (okay fine, we counted: 21 times so far). It all started with the Met Gala. Gaga’s brows were the perfect accessory to her custom Balenciaga by Alexander Wang cage jacket. And so began the summer of Lady Gaga and her eyebrows.

Moving seamlessly between extreme angles to bleached blonde barely-there brows, to multiple brow rings and bushy caterpillars, Gaga transitions from high-fashion to girl-next-door (well, as girl-next-door as Gaga can be) with ease. Of course it’s no surprise that Lady Gaga can make reflective strip eyebrows look totally normal, but having four drastically different brow looks in one week is impressive, even for the lady who rocked a meat dress.

The woman behind these works of brow art: makeup artist Sarah Tanno. She wanted to Gaga-fy the brow trend, saying, “everything is about a big, bold, beautiful brow [and] we just wanted to do something more elevated — the eyebrow should be celebrated; it should be the new eyeliner.”

See all the ways Gaga takes her brow game to a whole new level.

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