The Kylie Lip Kit You Should Get, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s no secret that we love us some Kylie Jenner. In just one year since the launch of Kylie Cosmetics, her Lip Kits have become the most talked about makeup product on the internet. Not a bad accomplishment for a 19 year old.

Sure, she’s ventured into eye products with her eyeshadow palettes and eyeliners, but when we think of Kylie Cosmetics, we obviously think of Lip Kits first. But how does one choose from the thirty-something different shades and finishes? You leave it up to the stars, of course. We’ve picked out the best Kylie Lip Kit for each zodiac sign below. And if your shade is sold out at the moment (as they often are), check out our dupes for every single one here, while you wait for Kylie to restock.


✨HEIR✨ @elsamelia

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A metallic shade requires confidence and playfulness to wear IRL, so bold Aries can pull off Kylie Lip Kit in “Heir” like no other sign.


Literally gloss looks beautiful on you, @alejandraxoxx ❤️

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Tauruses are always in the mood for glamour, and they’re not ones to shy away from shiny, pretty things, so “Literally” gloss is the perfect pick.


Posie & Lord. Lord Metal will be available again Thursday @ 1pm. How beautiful is this gold!!!

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Super creative Geminis can’t settle for just one, so mix a couple (or more!) shades for a unique look, like this “Posie” and “Lord” combo.


“Kristen” is one of Kylie’s prettiest shades (a bright coral) and it’ll appeal to Cancer’s love of, well, pretty things.


@brittanybearmakeup wearing REIGN, available now at

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No surprise here; Leos should reach for “Reign,” a gorgeous metallic plum shade. Why? Because it’s totally attention-grabbing and intense, just like the fiery sign.


Dolce K @amiyagoodall ?

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Earthy Virgos aren’t ones for makeup, so a nude like “Dolce K” is perfect for this low-maintenance sign.


The perfect red lip. Mary Jo K ? @jordynwoods

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The perfect red, “Mary Jo K” is a great match for the perfect socialite, Libra. One swipe of this bright shade will last the party-hopping sign all night long.


@nikita_dragun slaying #DeadOfKnight love this look

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Obviously Scorpio is the right sign to pull off “Dead of Knight,” a gorgeous matte black.


#Repost @makeupshayla ・・・ ? @flutterlashesinc SLAYLA lashes @kyliecosmetics KOURT K liquid lipstick Ring: @queenpee

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Low-maintenance but bold is Sagittarius’ jam, and Kylie Lip Kit in “Kourt K” is the best of both worlds.


@natallyxox 22! ?

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A pretty but practical shade like “22” is sure to satisfy Capricorns. Bonus: the Lip Kits dry fast and stay all day, so no need to reapply between meetings/classes/anything.


MOON @beautywithneesha

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Are you really surprised that the creatives of the zodiac, Aquarius, are the perfect sign to rock a risky grey-beige shade like “Moon”?


Dirty Peach looks beautiful on you, @kaseyrayton ?? Available now!

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And finally, leave it to dreamy Pisces to rock a sort-of-subtle-but-still-unique-and-interesting shade that looks different on everyone, like “Dirty Peach.”

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