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Kim Kardashian’s Latest KKW Beauty Launch is Totally Unexpected

Oh, and it launches today!

If you weren’t following the first season of the Kim Kardashian-produced reality TV show Glam Masters, which just wrapped up, let us break it down for you. It’s a competition show where makeup artists and beauty bloggers are put to the test with a variety of different challenges. Kind of like Project Runway but for makeup.

The winning prize? A makeup collaboration with Kim Kardashian! Argenis Pinal was recently announced the winner of season one of Glam Masters, and as promised, his makeup collab with KKW beauty is here!

And it’s a departure from what we’re used to seeing from the brand, which, with the exception of the bright blue eyeshadow in the KKWxMARIO palette, has released mostly neutral shades.

However, the latest collab, the KKW Beauty x Argenis Créme Color Sticks, come in five different shades (all named by Argenis himself): Genis, Muyor, Dramatico, Peshosa & Comic King.

There’s a burgundy, a bright teal, black, champagne and bronze. According to the KKW Beauty Instagram account, the sticks are “creamy, blendable & long lasting eyeshadow sticks that can be used to sculpt, line and smoke out the eyes.”

The Créme Color Sticks launched at the Glam Masters booth at BeautyCon in NYC this past weekend, and launch on today (April 23rd) at noon.