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Kendall Jenner, Toothpaste Mogul?

The Kardashian sister has invested in a millennial-friendly oral care brand called Moon.

Kendall Jenner is gorgeous model, to be sure, but have you ever thought about her teeth? Brilliantly white, evenly-spaced, they’re gleaming chiclets that have the patina of enviable genetics (or perhaps very expensive dental work.) They’re undeniable great teeth, perhaps great enough to make you think, what is she doing with her teeth?

The answer is, apparently, Moon.

What is Moon, you ask? According to the brand’s Instagram, Moon is, “Where Oral Care Meets Beauty.” It’s a new line of toothpaste, floss and tooth whitening pens that bear a cursory resemblance to Tide to Go that Kendall Jenner has just invested in. Founded by Sean Neff, Jenner is rumoured to have equity in the brand, which is expected to pull in $30-35 million in sales in its first year.

Moon joins a number of other brands, such as Hello and Twice, whose primary agenda is to add a dose of glamour to the rather sterile image of oral health. According to the New York Times, dental care is the final frontier of self-care-related beauty products that have not yet been conquered by millennial-friendly marketing tactics. With the arrival of these brands, which focus on natural ingredients, such as charcoal and clay, the marketplace is beginning to shift.

In a promotional video for the line, Jenner says the main reason for the brand is an “aesthetic thing.” “It looks really nice on your counter,” she says. “It looks really chic and you’re not afraid to have it out.”

I didn’t realize that using plain old Sensodyne was a threat to my aesthetic sensibilities, but now I have a whole new thing to be insecure about. Thanks Kendall Jenner!

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