First kiss: Marking her 10th anniversary with Rimmel, Kate Moss unveils a lipstick collection

Kate Moss: First kiss
Kate Moss: First kiss

Kate Moss has some new hobbies. She’s into canning jams and chutneys. She’s also rumoured to be whipping up batches of homemade soap using blooms from her English garden, something she hopes to turn into a business venture. In light of all these domestic projects, it would seem a culinary arts and crafts coffee-table book, perhaps lensed by her long-time friend Mario Testino, can’t be far behind.

It’s clearly a new chapter for Moss, 38, who’s always seemed more rebel than recipe sharer. She settled down with the Kills’ front man, Jamie Hince, last summer; every fairy-dust-sprinkled moment of their wedding was chronicled in the September 2011 issue of Vogue. Now, the model–turned–business mogul kicks off another endeavour: She’s hand-picked 15 lipstick shades for Rimmel. As the face of the British line’s ad campaigns for a decade, she’s helped take the label from local darling to high-profile export, popular across the pond and beyond. In return, Rimmel has stuck by her like a loyal best friend, steadfast through cringe-worthy tabloid stories and scandalous vids.

At the collection’s press launch at London’s Claridge’s hotel, Steve Momoris, Coty Beauty’s senior vice-president of global marketing, explains that it was natural for the company to take its relationship with Moss to the next level. “She knows a hell of a lot about fashion and she’s been around makeup artists her entire life, so it just made total sense,” he says, his arm draped over the back of the couch they’re seated on like a protective older brother.

Lipstick is a fitting choice for the collab, considering the first one Moss bought growing up in Croydon was a tube of the brand’s “Heather Shimmer.” Although eyes rimmed with black eyeliner is her signature look, she’s also partial to lip colour.

“I think lipstick is a really iconic piece of makeup,” she says. “It’s just one of those makeup items that changes the way you’re feeling and your style.” The resulting collection includes a “high fashion” mauve-grey, created to layer over other hues, as well as Moss’s favourite, a true red, with which guests scrawled messages all over a floor-to-ceiling mirror installed at the launch party. There is also a rich berry, a pastel pink and a peachy nude. “They’re colours I know I would use on a fashion shoot, or that I could use in real life,” she says.

After ending her collaboration with Topshop in 2010, Moss seems pleased to have a fresh creative outlet. “I can work with Steve [Momoris] and the creative team—it’s different from being a model. It’s much more inspiring, really. Now I say, ‘I want to wear that lipstick. I like that one, and that one, and that one,’” she says. “It’s great creating new things. I never get tired of that.”

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