Meet Judith Maria Bradley, the 72-Year-Old Star of Our Latest Beauty Shoot

"We are magical creatures and should present as such."

Judith Maria Bradley isn’t a typical model. She isn’t a typical social media starlet. She certainly isn’t a typical septuagenarian. And now, at age 72, she doesn’t aspire to be anything typical.

It’s a philosophy that seems to be working for her. Since her modeling debut in her late 60’s, she has joined Linda Rodin and Iris Apfel in the ranks of fashion’s grey haired heroines. She has appeared in magazines, advertising campaigns and is a street style star with nearly 14,000 Instagram followers. And she credits all her accomplishments to purely being herself.

“To present oneself as an authentic human being may not be as complicated as we are led to believe. To me, we are souls; spirits made human by genetics, intelligence, geography and my belief in Karma” Bradley told us during the shoot. “It’s about staying true to that heartbeat and that childlike feeling of joy that we all understand. It is being true to that gut feeling of being aware. We are magical creatures and should present as such.”

And what a magical creature she is. Perhaps the easiest way to understand the magic that is the authentic Judith: know she once attended a Blue Jays game in a floor-length, red Valentino evening gown. We don’t get an explanation, but she does offer some words to live by. “What do I want to see and show the world; I create it.”

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