Photography courtesy of Maybelline

Josephine Skriver Is The Newest Member of the Maybelline Family

Josephine Skriver just received an amazing present for her 25th birthday: a gig as the new spokesperson for Maybelline. Throw in a week of fun with friends in the Dominican Republic, and this Victoria’s Secret Angel is pretty much living her best life.

Born in Denmark, Skriver began modeling internationally at 17, has walked in shows for Chanel and Versace, posed in campaigns for Dior and Tom Ford, and, of course, is the owner of a highly coveted pair of wings. But she remembers when she was a fresh new face on the scene, sitting in her agency being asked her long-term goals for her career. And landing a major beauty contract was at the top of her list.

“When the option of Maybelline came in, I just realized that this is what I’ve been working towards for the last seven years of my career,” she says when we reach her by phone. Skriver is especially excited about this dream-come-true partnership because she grew up with Maybelline. “It’s a brand everybody can relate to and a brand everyone can afford,” she says. “There’s something so amazing about being a part of that.”

In a celebratory Instagram post earlier this week, the new ambassador wore vibrant purple eyeshadow all over her lids. But in reality, her day-to-day look is more simple–she favours bronzier colours–and there’s one step she’ll never skip. “I’m such a brow girl,” she confesses. “Even the days where I don’t technically wear makeup, I always have my brows on.”

Although Scriver fondly remembers the tinkling catchphrase, Maybe it’s Maybelline, from television commericals when she was younger, the model is a huge fan of their new mantra — #MakeItHappen. This new motto is all about encouraging women to be powerful and go after their goals. “For me, that’s really relatable,” she says, and adds that makeup can also help with that. “The power of putting on a red lip can transform you into feeling like a superhero.”

Skriver also wants to make change happen in other ways. The model, who grew up with two gay parents, has long been an advocate for the LGBT community. “Nothing has made me more happy than now having a bigger platform to tell my story,” she says. In recent years, many models have used their voices to speak out about issues they are passionate about, becoming more than mere vehicles used to sell products. “I think if you do have a platform and a voice, yep, you should use them.”

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