Jordan’s fitness diary: Week four

Our assistant fashion editor, Jordan Porter, embarked a one-month fitness frenzy at Get Spun. This is her final week!

Monday: I can’t believe I have made it (alive) to my final week! I swear I have seen my new gym friends more often than my boyfriend this past month, but with my waist whittling away and my bum and hips in haute condition I can’t say he is complaining. Today is an extreme functional training class, and my trainer Chris has me using the Bosu Balance ball, Gravity machine, TRX, and running footwork patterns fit for a tight end. A high-energy, super fun class that’s over before you know it…just my style.

Tuesday: It’s been two weeks since my last fighting fit class and the time off has not been in my best interest. I tried to sign up last week and the class was full–for the entire week. This either says something about the percentage of crazy people at GetSpun, or more likely, the quality of the class. I jump, skip, and squat my way through the class and pop two Advils (a trick from a fellow classmate) when I get home to avoid paralyzing pain mañana. Call me a masochist, but in the end it feels really good to work this hard. I know without a doubt that in just 45 minutes, I have gained something good.

Wednesday: The Advil (and the three glasses of pinot grigio) that I downed last night have worked their magic. The pain is definitely more bearable today than in past weeks. Luckily I have a spin class today to get my heart rate up and the vino cals burned. Plus, it gives me a chance to let my upper body rest a little for my final Gravity class tomorrow–I have big plans to step it up a notch in the home stretch!

Thursday: Christie has raised the bar (literally) on my Gravity machine so I’m working at a steeper and more difficult angle (the higher up you get the more of your bodyweight you are lifting). That is the best thing about this class, there is always room to change up your workout and to challenge yourself–it never gets boring and it certainly never gets easy.

Friday: At first I was afraid/I was petrified/Kept thinking I could never live/Through a month of non-stop exercise/My muscles burned, my body ached/The classes felt so long/But, I grew strong/And now I’m going to carry on….

You get the idea! I survived, I’m more fit and toned than I have ever been before, and this boot camp has given me the motivation to continue with a more well-rounded, consistent workout regime. I used to be an all cardio girl but this month has shown me the importance of combining cardio with weights, plyometrics, and resistance training in order to get the best end results.

Thank you to Christie and the whole GetSpun team! If you are interested in checking out the gym or designing your own bootcamp give Christie a shout at [email protected].

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