Jordan’s fitness challenge: Week three

Our assistant fashion editor, Jordan Porter, is on a one-month fitness frenzy at Get Spun. Check back every Friday for updates!

Monday: My butt is totally getting perkier and I am one happy camper. I’m feeling toned and confident and I’m now seeing the tough classes as a challenge, rather than torturous. It’s amazing what exercise can do for your state of mind. So today’s class was Extreme Functional Training, an hour workout that combines Gravity, TRX Suspension Training and Bosu Balance training. I’m like the nerdy fitness kid, totally giddy about all the new toys. The class, taught By Chris Cecile, who is so incredibly nice that you feel guilty not giving 110 per cent, is a super combo of balance, weight, and cardio training, and is one of the best all around workouts I have ever had.

Tuesday: My muscles are moaning and are very thankful for a break from squats and lunges today. Spin class is packed with people, good tunes, and a whole lot of cardio challenge and the energy is great.

Wednesday: Okay okay, the time has come for the big mid-challenge measurement results. I can’t believe I am posting this info for everyone to see, but the info is good (you better believe I wouldn’t be spouting out the numbers if the situation was anything but!) so here goes…

I started off like this:
Height: 5’3.5”
Weight – 116 lbs
Hips – 36.6”
Waist – 25”
Bicep – 9.5”
Thigh – 20.5”
Chest  – 31.4”

And half way through:
Weight – 112 llbs
Hips – 35.6”
Waist – 25”
Bicep – 9.5”
Thigh: 20”
Chest: 30.5 “

So overall in only 2 and a half weeks I have lost four pounds, a full inch of my hips and off my chest, and an inch total from my thighs, not to mention that I feel more toned and lifted where it counts. This is more motivation to always go the extra mile for the rest of this challenge. I’m totally pumped!

Thursday: Still giddy from yesterday’s news, today I got a little aggressive with the workout regime. I was penciled in for an intensive 30 minute TRX class (the workout system used by Navy SEALs) at 6:30 but decided on my own that I would attempt the 45-minute spin class as well. With food, sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so I guess in this case my mind was more toned than my tush?  Whatever the parallel, I’m going to be in pain tomorrow.

Friday: A spin class is fast becoming my favourite way to end off the week. I work extra hard to burn all the calories I can before the weekend, as weekends are my weakness. Hopefully the glasses of wine and sweet treats will be no match for my intense cardio session. Until next week, my fitness followers…

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