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Happy Valentine’s Day! John Mayer’s Secret to Good Skin is Not Loving Anyone

Although John Mayer is famous for love songs, he’s made it clear that love is no longer on his radar while sharing his new (and unconventional) skincare routine.

On Monday, he took to Instagram to answer the one question everyone’s been wondering while admiring his skin: “Is it good genes or good docs?” As it turns out, the answer is loneliness and getting rid of some vices. “I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink anymore, and I don’t go out in the sun, and I don’t eat, and I don’t love anybody,” he answered.

He zoomed in on his face to show off his super smooth skin. Although not drinking and avoiding sun damage are common practices for better skin, what caught everyone’s attention was his comment about not loving anyone.

It looks like laying off love is treating his skin better than ever, but we know there’s more to it than just being single, because we haven’t forgotten that his beauty vlogger beginnings go back to 2016, when he shared his actual extensive skincare routine.  Here’s a breakdown of all the products and tips in his regimen that he shared in his tutorial below.

  1. Wash your face with Proactive ($30).
  2. Start your night moisturizing routine by applying Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion ($797) directly onto your face from the bottle to save product.
  3. Apply Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye cream ($270) all over your face and not just around your face.
  4. Put on some Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Complex ($240) around your mouth.
  5. Dab Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme cream ($463) onto your “crucial necessity zones” where you need moisture the most and slowly work each one into your skin using a cotton swab.
  6. Lastly, spray Natura Bisse Diamond Mist Spray ($180) into the air in front of your face and not directly onto your face.

It turns out that Mayer’s actual skincare routine is much more complicated than being alone, but he might be on to something, since he is looking great. Being single and well-stocked up on Natural Bissé could be worth it.

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