Jessica Biffi gives us a nail art demo!

When our Toronto blogger Connie Ng mentioned that designer Jessica Biffi was really into nail art and had even given her a little demo on their afternoon out, we were hard pressed to say no. Read on for a little DIY action.

Your stencil art kit:

a. Metal plate with patterns
b. Rubber stamp
c. Polish scraper
d. Konad special nail polish (It’s thicker than regular polish)

1. Paint your nails with your favorite color of regular polish. While the polish is drying, Biffi will likely be chatting about NYC or Miles Faber and So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

2. Apply the special polish to a pattern on the metal plate.

3. Use mini polish scraper to remove excess.

4. Apply rubber stamp on the pattern then stamp it on your nails and voila!