We talked to Jennifer Aniston about her hair crushes + how she gets her iconic beachy waves

Jennifer Aniston Summer Hair

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Before there was the lob, there was the Rachel, the haircut to have in the early ’90s. Now it’s Jennifer Aniston’s shiny, sun-kissed strands that have women pulling out pages from magazines at the salon. We talked to the California-based co-owner of Living Proof about her status as the ultimate beachy hair icon, filming in insane humidity, and her own hair heroes.

Is it true that your hairstylist Chris McMillan used to use ocean water to give you beachy hair? 

“We couldn’t find a great beach spray, and so he would be down at the beach, or I would be down at the beach and we would get a whole bunch of water bottles and fill them up!”

What was the first Living Proof product you tried?

“That would be No Frizz. It was perfect timing because I was about to go off to North Carolina and shoot We are the Millers and it was 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity, and I knew my hair was going to be a disaster. I used it on set and it was incredible.

Your character in “Cake” didn’t really have a hairstyle.

“The whole purpose of the look was that she hadn’t paid attention to herself since this tragedy had taken place. If there was any makeup or hair, it would go against every fibre of the character. If I did actually wash [my hair], I would usually have to put in a little of the Living Proof restore mask to keep it a little bit greasy and unkempt.”

Everyone covets your hair. Who do you think has great hair?

“I love Courteney’s! Courteney Cox has one of the most gorgeous heads of hair. And Phoebe [Lisa Kudrow], I love her hair. All of my girlfriends have such gorgeous hair, actually. Gisele has a beautiful head of hair. And then I love Kate Moss. It looks like she doesn’t do anything and yet it’s still so sexy and gorgeous.”

You must keep Lisa and Courteney well-stocked with Living Proof products.

“Yes! [They have] a lifetime supply! Courteney, she just loves it! She was one of our guinea pigs when I first got the product.  I use my girlfriends as my Barbie dolls.”