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Jen Atkin Expands Into Body Care With New Ouai Line

One of the internet's favourite haircare brands is expanding into body.

Chances are, if you own a phone and follow a Hadid/Jenner/Kardashian or two, you’ve come across celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin’s haircare brand Ouai in the past three years. Since launching in 2016, the brand has enjoyed huge success, thanks to its chic, minimalist packaging and products that pack a significant punch when it comes to performance.

Today, the brand is launching its debut line of body products. In an interview with WWD, Atkin says she “would have never imagined” the brand would be able to expand into body just three years after launch. “What’s exciting is, even outside of our brand, everyone’s colouring outside of the lines. You’re not stuck with those boundaries. Although we started out as a haircare brand, it’s been fun for us to have success in other categories. It’s given us the confidence to venture out.”

Atkin regularly listens to and polls her followers to find out what they’d like to see next from the brand. Body, she says, was among the top five answers every time she asked. Enter, the Body Cleanser ($37) and Body Crème ($50).

As with her other products, scent was a key part of the formulation which led to a partnership with Givuadan to develop signature scents for each of the products. According to WWD, the result for the body cleanser is “a floral scent called Dean Street that blends citrus fruits, apricot, rose, magnolia, muguet, violet, amber, linden blossom and musk” whilst the body crème scent is called Shibuya and “has notes of Mediterranean citrus, warm spices, rose, violet and white musk.”

Once the brand inevitably conquers the body market as it did with hair, Atkin says the goal is to expand into lifestyle products. “I love the idea of the brand being in different parts of the house, expanding outside of the bathroom. At the end of the day, the brand’s whole ethos is about helping make your life easier. We’ve always been that from day one.”

The news follows the announcement that the brand has reformulated its dry shampoo, following negative reviews online. Atkin revealed the new product on Instagram yesterday, by reading out mean reviews from customers on the old product.

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