Jasmyn Burke of Canadian Band Weaves Has Come Out With Lipsticks—And They’re Good

When I heard that Jasmyn Burke, lead singer of the band Weaves, an indie Toronto-based quartet, was releasing a set of lipsticks, my first thought was…”Huh?” After all, it’s not every day that that a local indie band gets involved in the beauty scene. But when Burke stopped by the FASHION offices with her samples, I was quickly convinced that I needed both lipsticks ASAP.

The band’s second album, Wide Open, is out on October 6th (you can watch the video for the second single below), and the lipsticks will be available for purchase with the vinyl record. They’ll also be on sale with the merch at the Weaves show in Toronto tomorrow, September 30th.

The two shades are “Scream” (a pretty orange) and “La La” (a bright—like, really bright—blue). Burke said she wanted to make lipsticks for a few reasons. Firstly, as a mixed woman, she was having trouble finding lipsticks that worked for her skin tone. Secondly, she wanted to create something for “the tom-boys, shy weirdos, non-binary people and people of colour who sometimes feel invisible in the mainstream.”

Photography via Alyson Hardwick

Finally, Burke wanted a piece of band merch that was catered toward women (though, of course, men are welcome to buy and wear the lipstick shades!) because she found merch selections at concerts to typically be male-dominated. Think about it: when you’re lined up for a band T-shirt at a show, the sizes are, more often than not, men’s sizes that women have to choose from. And even if it fits, it never fits properly.

But something that does always fit just right is lipstick. That’s why I’m hoping for an expansion of shades, because trust me when I say the formula is so good. It’s creamy but matte and somehow still long-wearing.

Intrigued? You should be! Place your pre-orders here.

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