Japan Is Opening a Spa-Themed Amusement Park and It’s the Best Thing Ever

Japan is cray. Where else would you find a poo museum or a ramen bathhouse? Now, the country has come up with quite possibly the most absurd idea ever – a spa amusement park. In case you ever wanted to be in a hot tub while riding a roller coaster, that may soon be a reality. Projected to open in Beppu, one of Japan’s most well-known onsen destinations, the country proposed to open the world’s first spa amusement park via a video message last week. We’re talking hot spring baths on carousels, ferris wheels and roller coasters, arcade games in steam rooms and kid-friendly water slides.

The video also features Beppu’s mayor Yasuhiro Nagano promising to make the initiative a reality once the video hits 1,000,000 views. Well, it looks like he’s sticking to his word because in just a little over a week, the viral video has already hit two million plus views. According to a press release on RocketNews24, Mayor Nagano has confirmed plans are already in the works and is ready to make “Spamusement” an actual tourist destination. While there’s no confirmed date of when it’s going to be opened to the public, you can bet we’ll be taking the next flight out to Japan once it does. In the meantime, we’re going to watch (and re-watch) the below video and dream of soaking in bubbles while going down the first drop.

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