Photography by MAC.

Jade Jagger Launched a Rock ‘n’ Roll-Inspired Makeup Collection with M.A.C

As the progeny of Mick and Bianca, Jade Jagger is as about as pure rock royalty as they come. Um did you know Andy Warhol babysat her and she once peed on his art? A true rebel at heart. She’s now teamed up with MAC, who she’s always viewed in a similar way. “MAC has always been a very rock ‘n’ roll company and so it was kind of a natural collaboration that I was always dreaming for to happen,” says Jagger by phone, who’s excited to finally get the items out there.

The collection, which falls under MAC’s “Mineralize” umbrella, features eight products for eyes, lips and cheeks all in jewel-tone hues and jewel-inspired packaging.

“I wanted to create something that was universally beauty for all different types of women,” Jagger explained. “It was very much inspired by my love with the Mediterranean and the never-ending feeling of the glow of the sun that you get when you’re on holiday.”

jade jagger mac
Photography by MAC

For eyes, there are two sets of eyeshadow quads each retailing for $55 each. The “Golden Neutral” quad features metallic neutrals suitable for day, while the “Burning Nights” set is great for a more dramatic, evening look.

In terms of lipsticks, there are three shades that fall in the “Mineralize Rich” family — “Opal Beach” (a soft, peachy nude), “Sunset Pearl” (a rosy brown) and “Rolling Red” (a pinkish red). They retail for $30 each.

And finally the cheek products — there are two Mineralize Blushes: Moon Shimmer (a soft peach with brown that Jagger likes to use during the day) and Perfect Bronze (a rose with brown). But the hero product, according to Jagger, is the Mineralize Skinfinish in Satin Shimmer, a deep brown bronzer with gold pearl. “I think that we all love a little bit of everlasting glow on our faces,” she says. The blushes retail for $33 each, while the Mineralize Skinfinish is $38.

A s a jewellery designer, adding a touch of gold to the collection was imperative, particularly in the packaging. “I always love something gold and I think that there’s something wonderful about pulling that out of your handbag… or having it in your bathroom. I think it’s great to accessorize your bathroom woth the beautiful objects you’re using,” she says.

The Jade Jagger x MAC collection will be available December 14, 2017 at You can check out all the items below: