How to tame flyaway hairs: We share a foolproof trick for making frizzy hair instantly sleek

Tame flyaways hair tutorial

Unless you have been blessed with shampoo commercial-worthy hair, you likely have to deal with frizzy flyaways on a daily basis. Nothing is more infuriating than spending 30 minutes blow drying your hair only to step back from the mirror and see the tell-tale fringe of baby hairs hanging between your part or flyaways standing at attention, ruining an otherwise sleek look. While smoothing serums and hair straighteners can help reduce some of the frizz, taming flyaways is actually one of the easiest things to do—once you learn the trick to it.

I met up with Morgan Roy, creative director at the Aveda Institute Toronto, to discuss common hair problems and go hands-on in order to fix them. She explained that the baby hairs at the front of your head dry the fastest—and it’s often the act of blowdrying your hair that causes flyaways to pop up. First, she showed me how to change my blowdrying style for better results: the trick is to follow the curve of your forehead as you dry, instead of pulling the hair away from your head. But the best tip for taming flyaways comes after you put the blow dryer away. Morgan suggested using a wet hair spray—such as Aveda’s Brilliant Medium Hold hairspray—and spritzing it onto a folded tissue. The tissue smoothes down any stray flyaways as you wipe it over your hair, while also applying the right amount of hairspray as you go. Honestly: I’ve never seen my hair look so sleek and frizz-free! For the full details on how to tame flyaways and say goodbye to baby hairs, watch the tutorial video above.

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