How to prevent helmet hair: 5 ways to look good after a bike ride

how to prevent helmet hair
Photography by David Pike

Every morning we’re faced with a series of questions that can seriously throw off our entire day. Get up now or hit snooze? Sneakers or pumps? Take public transportation and look flawless all day, or cycle to work and be doomed to have flat, greasy hair all day?

Unfortunately, if we want to take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather, have a speedy commute to work and do our body good, helmet hair is an unfortunate side effect–but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it. With the proper tips, tricks and products, you can be on your way to never having a helmet-induced bad hair day again. From the proper pre-cycle strand treatment to post-ride quick fixes, we have five ways to prevent unsightly helmet hair coming your way.

Browse the gallery below to learn some beauty tips to prevent (and manage) helmet hair.

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