How to get I-just-shagged-Brad-Pitt hair

Photography by Setareh Sarmadi

Because so many of her red carpet appearances of late have been accompanied by smooth and pretty hair, it was nice to see Angelina Jolie rock some serious sexy bed head at the recent Inglourious Basterds premiere in L.A. So sexy that Lainey theorized its casualness was due to the fact that she and Brad were just too busy er, fornicating, for her to bother styling it. While it seems indisputable—especially if childcare was on site—that the two went at it before the event, at some point, the master of dishevelment himself, David Babaii, showed up, products in tow. Armed with his own line, David Babaii for Wildaid (, he applied Hair Polish ($13) throughout followed by a helping of Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier ($15). After he parted hair in three sections, he blow dried using a large round brush to smooth hair straight. Then he took large sections, wrapped them around the same brush and blew them with an additional blast of hot air followed by a shot of cool to set the shape. A mist of hairspray and voila–you look like just got shagged senseless by Brad Pitt.

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