How to fill in your eyebrows so they actually look natural (no Instagram brows here)

As a major staple of a girls’ beauty regimen, eyebrows are the defining feature that shape and make the face. Over the last several years, an overwhelming array of products line the shelves of our local drugstores and makeup chains, all claiming to create perfect brows “effortlessly.”

From Anastasia Beverly Hills to Kelly Baker Brows, alongside the countless images that inundate your Instagram feed, the real question is, how do you create a brow look that’s custom to you? From waxing and tweezing to the perfect threading technique we’ve come up with a solution. We’ve put together a DIY brow shaping and sculpting guide that is sure to help even the most brow-challenged.

1. Create a brow vision board by canvasing magazines for inspiration to guide you.

2. Select images that reflect your desired brow look but keep your natural brow shape in mind.

3. Straight scissors, mascara wand, brow pencil and slanted brush, along with brow powder and the cult classic Tweezerman tweezers are all brow-grooming essentials.

4. When grooming the perfect brow on your own try a tweeze-trim technique. Begin by fluffing the brow and moving hair away from upper lid.

5. Tweeze the lid underneath the brow line to create a smooth finish but don’t go to deep into the brow line and compromise your brow shape. For any hair undergrowth you can’t tweeze, cover with a cream or powder concealer.

6. Lightly trim the top of the brow if hair is long and unruly.

7. Begin to define the brow by outlining with a brow pencil starting a quarter way along the bottom of your brow. Brunettes, remember to choose a colour that’s one shade lighter than your hair colour and blondes, one shade darker.

8. Finishing powder is a great way to make your brows look fuller. Lightly dust the mid point over your brow and then brush along the tail.

9. Complete the look by brushing out excess product to create a natural brow that’s not weighed down by product.