How to contour like Kim Kardashian: A 7-step gif tutorial to help you channel the queen of selfies

This Halloween we’re giving you a trick that will last you a lot longer than the month of October.

While none of us can boast of a Kim Kardashian bank account (or designer BFFs or the world’s chicest baby) we can channel her for Halloween—and then use these handy contouring tricks as part of our everyday makeup routine.

As the patron saint of contouring, Kim Kardashian took the art of face sculpting to the next level, but little did we know that this elegant look could also pass as pretty great costume makeup.

1. The key to this look is all about choosing the right shade of foundation for your skin. You’ll need three types of foundation: a lighter shade, darker shade and one that is your exact colour to really make your contouring pop. After applying your skin tone foundation, use a brush to add your lighter foundation underneath your eyes in a triangle formation, down the centre of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, along your jawline and your cupid’s bow.

2. Next, blend the concealer with a sponge. Remember you want to avoid any severe lines so blend as much as necessary to make it look natural.

3. Using a soft small brush, apply the darker foundation by sweeping both sides of your nose, the temples of your head and the tip of your nose.

4. Apply the darker foundation below your cheekbones in a sweeping downwards motion on both sides of your face and blend.

5. Grab your highlighter and apply to give you that much-needed glow and shimmer to both sides of your face that will put a little oomph in your look.

6. Apply blush to the apple of your cheeks to give you a little colour and add some warmth to your look.

7. Keep your lips neutral with a flesh coloured lip gloss and sweep mascara along your eyelids. If you’re feeling particularly daring add some of Kim K’s famous fake lashes to up the drama.

Now you’re ready to land yourself a rapper husband and, depending on your attitude, a reality TV deal.

Makeup by Justine Veneracion

Products used: Nars cream foundations in “Fiji,” “Macao” and “Tahoe” ($45 each,, Nars Laguna bronzer ($45,, Nars Albatross highlighter ($30,, Nars blush in “Orgasm” ($35,, Nars gloss in Odalisque ($31,