How the side ponytail went from ’80s sitcom must-have to red carpet staple to current runway trend

side ponytail

The off-kilter ponytails at Christian Dior Fall 2015 looked modern, but their lateral orientation had us wondering: Was hair guru Guido Palau inspired by ’80s sitcoms? Were the Tanner sisters on his mood board? We might never know.

But runway trends aside, side ponytails are often the celebrity fave in the hairstyle department, whether they’re rocking them on their days off in an effortless braid (the current update to a high side-pony) like Rihanna, or styled in an award show-ready version à la Selena Gomez. Nonetheless, the hairstyle-of-the-moment has allowed us to revisit some of our favourite looks, from our preteen TV heroes to today’s red carpet all-stars.

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