The Cool Girl Way to Wear Glitter in Your Hair This Holiday Season

By now, we’ve established that glitter tends to be the beauty go-to of choice during the holiday season, whether it be worn on your nails, your eyes, your lips, or your hair. When it comes to strands, glitter roots seemed to reign supreme for the past couple of years, and while lovely, there are other options. There are plenty of other ways to add some sparkle to your hair, without looking—dare we say—basic.

We enlisted celebrity stylist, Matthew Collins from The Good Ones Academy to show us how to get two cool girl holiday glitter hair looks this season. Rather than using a store-bought glitter spray or gel, Collins created his own by mixing a strong-hold gel and loose glitter from the craft store. Check out how to get the looks below.

Look 1: The Glitter Braid

GIF glitter braid

This look is not too over the top, but glittery enough for even the ~*sparkliest*~ of gals. To achieve it, start by adding some grit to hair by applying a little bit of volume mousse to the roots and blow drying it back. Then, using your fingers, bring the hair back, add some texture spray, and create a low ponytail using an elastic band with two bobby pins. Take a strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to cover it. To keep the top part of the hair from looking too sleek, pull out some pieces from the top and spray it with hairspray for a more messy look.

Next, split the ponytail into three equal sections. Apply the glitter gel mix using a makeup or paint brush to one section. You can choose to completely cover the strand, or make it more subtle by applying less glitter. Blow dry so it won’t adhere to the rest of the hair when you braid. Once the glitter section is completely dry, do a regular three-strand braid using the glitter section, along with the other two sections of hair from the ponytail, then secure the end with an elastic. Finish off the look by slightly pulling out pieces of the braid for a more undone look.

Look 2: The ‘Good Wave’ + Glitter

GIF good wave glitter

This look is Collins’ signature: the “good wave,” which consists of an S wave, not a curl, ensuring a more effortless, cool girl vibe. To get the look, start by sectioning off hair, working with one-inch by one-inch strands. Using a large barrel curling iron held vertically, take your strand and create the first side of S wave, holding it for a few seconds, then remove the barrel and create the second part of the S wave on the next one-inch section on the same strand by rotating the barrel to the opposite direction. Continue this process, again, using one-inch by one-inch sections, all the way down each strand.

Once you’ve finished creating your wave, spray texturizing spray at the roots for volume and grit, then create a deep side part. Slick back hair on the side you’ve parted, and secure with two criss-crossed bobby pins. Apply hair spray to ensure it’s sleek, then using your glitter gel and makeup or paint brush, apply as much (or as little!) glitter as you please. Finish off by blow drying the glitter section.