Hidden rainbow hair is the most magical trend of the summer

Just when we thought we’d rainbow-fied every possible part of our beauty routine, a new multi-coloured trend has already popped up on Instagram, thanks to London’s @notanothersalon. Everyone, meet #hiddenrainbowhair.

It seems like beauty gurus can’t stop (won’t stop) experimenting with the multi-coloured trend. This summer alone, we’ve seen IGers work rainbow into everything from eyebrows to eyelashes to lips. While rainbow hair is no new thing (looking at you, Irene Kim), hidden rainbow hair is a genius alternative for those who work in a conservative office setting and doesn’t want to sit out on the colourful hair trend. Eager to give it a try? Start off by sectioning off the top half of your hair and split the remaining bottom half into seven equal sections to be dyed in colourful pieces. Here’s a plus: since rainbow hair is known to fade out fast, you won’t have to worry about the colour fading or your roots growing out. #win

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