Meet The New Hemp Oil-Infused Nail Polish That’s Got Everybody Talking

2019's version of a high-five.

Having long been revered in the health industry, hemp oil has enjoyed increasing popularity in the beauty industry in recent years. The latest example? Nails Inc. and INC.redible Cosmetics (both of which were founded by Thea Green in 1999 and 2017 respectively) have teamed up on a new collection that’s set to give your beauty stash a much-needed dose of calm.

Aptly named ‘Just Kinda Bliss,’ the collection features a hemp oil-infused nail polish duo that consists of a punchy red hue and a nourishing base coat/treatment which “reduces fundamental nail stripes and uneven nail surface” and “fills in the gap for an ultra-smooth, shiny surface” according to the brand’s website. The formulations also both contain Omega 3 and 6 to help fortify nails.

In addition to the polishes, the collection also features a Hemp Hydration Lip Jelly (a glossy go-to that delivers six hours of hydration), Hemp Magic Lip Scrub (which doubles as a tinted lip balm) and the No Puff Zone Undereye Mask (which is shaped like hemp leaves and is designed to soothe and brighten).

Often confused with CBD oil, hemp oil refers to the cannabis sativa seed oil extract which is made exclusively from hemp seeds. CBD, on the other hand, is short for cannabidiol and is found in the leaves, flowers and stalks of hemp plants. Importantly, hemp oil contains no CBD or THC (the psychoactive strand found in cannabis) and has been used in the health industry for years as a natural anti-inflammatory.

The Just Kinda Bliss collection by Nails Inc. and INC.redible is available to purchase on now with shipping available to Canada.

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