Healthier fries? Yes please!

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Though I consider myself a fairly health-conscious person, summer days spent on the patio have caused me to indulge a bit too heavily in sweet potato fries. (Yes, the vitamin A contents supposedly makes them healthier than regular French fries, but the decision to order them is never guilt-free.) T-Fal has apparently found a way for me to enjoy my snacks without constantly thinking about hitting the treadmill afterwards.

Actifry ($350, at select department stores in Ontario, is designed to create lower fat versions of some of the foods we take the most pleasure in eating–like fries. The trick: Cooking with a single spoonful of a “good” oil (like grape seed, nut or olive oil). Your fries cook at 170°C–low enough to retain the healthy quality of their fatty acids and oils.

The big question: Are the French fries just as tasty as the greasy ones we fall for every time? When I sampled the lower fat ones, the taste was indeed comparable. (It may have helped that I was dipping them in delicious mango salsa the entire time.) Speaking of dip, should you require some, Actifry comes with a recipe book.

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