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5 Temporary Hair Colour Kits to Try if You Were Inspired by Hilary Duff

Bored in the house? Trying out a temporary hair colour might be a fun way to pass the time.

Over the weekend, whilst the rest of us were watching TV and eating copious amounts of chocolate, Hilary Duff was at home dying her hair blue. Capitalizing on the ability to experiment during lockdown, Duff took her blonde hair to a vibrant shade of blue. Like Kate Hudson in Bride Wars, except deliberate. Duff is no stranger to a coloured hue, having previously rocked pink, grey and turquoise hair in the past, and judging by her Instagram picture she nailed the application of whatever (we assume) temporary hair colour she used.

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As it turns out, Duff isn’t the only celeb taking their hair into their own hands during quarantine – Lottie Moss, Elle Fanning, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Love Hewitt have all dabbled with varying shades of pink in recent weeks. So it’s no surprise then that Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillan announced earlier this week that we’re now entering the “hair colour” phase of quarantine. Yep, now that we’ve baked our banana bread, got our at-home exercise routine sorted and cleaned out our wardrobes, this is the next step. According to recent data from Nielsen, sales for hair colour increased 23% at the start of this month.

If you’re also tempted by a change, might we suggest something temporary? Opt for spray-on or wash-out colours that are only designed to last for a few washes. This way, you’ll be able to decide if you’re ready to commit to a vibrant hue without the hassle of needing to dye your hair back if you hate it. Remember to cover any surfaces you don’t want to risk temporarily colouring in addition to your hair, too.

We spoke with Brennen Demelo, a L’Oréal Paris spokesperson, about how to ensure the best results from home. His tips? “It is always best to have clean washed dry hair to get even results. Another tip is to ensure you have enough of the product to complete the look – for example, if you want all over colour, maybe opt for two boxes. Plus, always section off hair and colour it section by section to ensure even distribution of the colour so you get the even results you desire. Make sure the hair is well saturated with the colour.”

As for what hues are better for what hair colours, Demelo says blondes “have more options as they can go from pastel to bold” whereas for brunettes and redheads he suggests they “opt for darker shades (like midnight blue and maroon) which will give the most apparent results.”

Here’s a few kits to get you started:

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