Jasmin Bonheur
Courtesy of Guerlain

Guerlain Drops an Henri Matisse-Inspired Fragrance + More Beauty News

Including two sustainably packaged skincare items from Chanel and Boscia.

Guerlain and Maison Matisse collaborate on a new fragrance

Courtesy of Guerlain

In collaboration with Maison Matisse, the house of Guerlain welcomes a new fragrance, Jasmin Bonheur, honouring the “Painter of Happiness” himself, Henri Matisse. Since 1828, this luxury label has favoured jasmine, but this scent marks the first jasmine fragrance to exist within its L’Art & La Matière collection. Drawing inspiration from Matisse’s colourful paint palette, the perfume is vibrantly fragranced with bright notes of orange apricot, purple-coloured iris and soft rose pink. Inspired by Matisse’s “Le Mille et Une Nuits” masterpiece, the perfume’s packaging is decorated with a multi-coloured motif designed exclusively by Maison Matisse for Guerlain. Through master perfumery and awe-inspiring artwork, the spirit of Henri Matisse lives on in Jasmin Bonheur.

Laboratoires Filorga’s latest treatment targets ten signs of aging 

Courtesy of Laboratoires Filorga

There’s an art to creating anti-aging skincare. That being said, we think Laboratoires Filorga is on to something. The French beauty brand just released a reparative new balm named Global-Repair Baume, that targets ten signs of aging in skin. Filorga blends nourishing botanical oils and a 100% natural-origin butter with active ingredients like hydrating hyaluronic acid and collagen-boosting peptides to formulate a cashmere-textured cream that strengthens the skin barrier. Here’s the part we love: These ingredients also have aesthetic medicine-like effects, which the brand specializes in.

Haircare brand Not Your Mother’s enters the Canadian market

Courtesy of Not Your Mother’s

Not Your Mother’s is the clean haircare brand that captures the essence of “fresh from the salon hair” in a bottle. Entering the Canadian beauty space with seven hero products, including three refreshing dry shampoos and a texturizing sea salt spray, this brand transforms salon-level treatments into take-home products at an affordable price point. Plus, every item is free of dyes, parabens and sulphates and they’re cruelty-free. Sound good to you? Shop Not Your Mother’s at Walmart stores nationwide.

Boscia is making sustainable power moves

Courtesy of Boscia

In the name of sustainability, Boscia’s Probiotic Power for Face + Scalp just upped its packaging game. Ushering in the brand’s first-ever plastic-free refill option, you can now purchase the probiotic powder in a refillable container, which supports the brands commitment to having 100% recyclable, post-consumer recycled or refillable packaging by 2023. To make recycling easy, the refill packaging is sustainably made with paper. Plus, it can also be reused for storage.

Pupa Milano is here to help your brows look their best

Courtesy of Pupa Milano

To build your perfect brow and mimic a fresh microblading job, shop Pupa Milano’s newly launched Eyebrow Liner. First, select your best match from three natural looking and long lasting shades of brown: ash brown, brown, or dark brown. And don’t worry, they won’t oxidize on you! Next, use the pen’s fine tipped felt applicator to hand draw brow hairs in small strokes. Go on now, wow us all with your new brows.

Chanel’s newest anti-aging cream is refillable, btw

Courtesy of Chanel

To push the beauty industry towards a more sustainable future, refillable products are essential. To this end, Chanel offers up its refillable N°1 de Chanel Rich Revitalizing Cream. The casing that holds this luxury cream can be detached from its glass housing and replaced with a new vessel. The seed shells of the red camellia flower, which lies at the heart of this cream, are also used in the creation of the packaging. In addition, up to 97% of ingredients throughout the N°1 de Chanel line are of natural origin, and the formulas include up to 76% of camellia flower derivatives — ensuring petals, seeds and yeasts are all used so none of the plant goes to waste.

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