Green eye opener

By Meagan Albrechtson

As much as I’ve heard that it isn’t wise to sleep with your makeup on, I’ll admit that after a late night of dancing or schmoozing, I am guilty of crashing head first into my pillow, smoky eyes and all. The downside to this, of course, is waking up the next morning to see a scary version of myself in the mirror.

While I do sometimes remember my nightly beauty routine, most of the products I’ve used in the past are either too oily, or sting my peepers. So when I discovered Éminence Herbal Eye Make-up Remover ($28, at select salons), I was thrilled.

Packaged in a grass green bottle, this miracle potion has a handy squeeze pump, which makes it a breeze to use no matter how sleepy I am or how many martinis I’ve had.

The formula boasts ingredients from the company’s organic farm in Hungary, including lavender, chamomile, cucumber and rosehip. My face is left smelling like a fresh meadow and I’m able to doze off into a dreamy, makeup free sleep. Now if only it could cure my hangover…

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