How to pack for a road trip: 3 foolproof tips for a green beauty routine on the road

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Going green with skincare and makeup can feel similar to going gluten-free or eating raw; it’s all a piece of (flourless chocolate) cake until you leave home. With a little pre-planning, some smart packing and a free-spirit focus, green beauty on the road is easy.
Here are three easy steps to determine what natural beauty loot to take and what to leave behind when hitting the road for summer fun.

1. What’s the Plan, Man?

Heading to the cottage for the weekend? Or heading out across the country to see the sights and experience the open feeling of the road? Maybe this road trip is all about getting back to basics and camping out. Keep in mind where you’re headed and what the amenities will be. Hitting up hotels and motels the whole way, crashing at friends’ places, or setting up tent by a lake, mean that different destinations call for different things to have on hand. Maintaining a green beauty on the road routine is all about being prepared.

There’s also the extended car time to consider. Prepare for lots of sitting, sing-alongs and hair blowing in the wind.

Leave at home: Palettes of shadows, hair straighteners, body scrubs and anything else that’s non-essential. It just won’t be needed, and if you do happen to need it – be creative with what you have. That’s the fun of leaving the comforts of home.

Take: A refreshing face mist, a lip balm and a refillable water bottle.

2. Pack Little, Pack Light

Hitting the road might mean there’s a ton of space in the car or SUV, but because road trips have that exciting unpredictability about them, it’s still best to select items in sample size. Travelling is a great time to test out new products. Most eco-retailers have sampling programs in place. Select a few items to try for little to no cost and then toss them into your kit. Discover a new product you never knew you loved while you discover a new place.

Leave at home: Full size anything. Trust in the nature of the journey that things will be okay with less stuff. Forgo pounds of body lotions and hair supplies and slim down your beauty stash.

Take: Some samples in the back of your medicine cabinet.

3. Do a Double-Duty Dopp Kit

Canadian accessories designer, Erin Templeton, makes a repurposed leather case that fits a whole lot of sample-size basics. Tucked away into the side of your duffel, you’ll have what you need at the ready for quick gas station touch-ups, impromptu beach treks, and when you finally hit your destination and need some quick in-vechicle primping.

Stock your mini Dopp kit with products that have more than one use, or can sub in for one or two others in small sizes. Pack a a super-gentle natural oil blend to use for face cleansing, moisturizing, spot treatment for dryness, and as a hair serum. Think outside the makeup box too; for instance, lipstick can always sub in for cream blush. Green beauty on the road is all about choosing products that can do double duty.

Leave at home: 5-step skin care routines. Try taking a break from Clarisonic and other beauty appliances.

Take: Mini soaps, serum, lipstick, and a makeup case to stash it all in.


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