Green beauty: An eco-friendly deodorant that works

The other day I disposed of three white tops I adored. The problem? Full disclosure: Yellow pit stains, which no laundry remedy can resolve. My excessive sweating (clinically known as hyperhidrosis) has been an issue since my 20s and since that time, many a lovely white tee or tank has met a sad demise due to the gushing sweat that cannot be contained by my armpits. I’ve tried every deodorant, including the clinical strength ones, and still, no reprieve. I’ve even considered Botox, and then chickened out. I had resigned myself to buying new T-shirts seasonally until I tried Origins Organics Totally Pure Deodorant ($19, at The Bay). The first thing that threw me was that it’s not a stick or a roll-on. It’s a spray. But then what shocked me even more: halfway through the day I realized that not an ounce of perspiration had sullied the armpits of my top. It worked, and even better, without chemicals! Truly a hygiene revolution for me if ever there was one. To those who suffer like me, you need this, now.

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